What is CemeteryRegistry.US

CemeteryRegistry.US is a FREE genealogical database that provides a means of locating a cemetery in the United States for genealogical purposes. The registry contains over 140,000 cemetery listings throughout the United States, searchable by State, County, City, or Name. Each verified listing may include the date of establishment, affiliation, type of access, contact information, photographs, videos, links to interment sites, and other possible resources.

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Who am I?

My name is Doyle P. Glaze II. I currently live with my wife in Marianna, Florida area. I have been working in the Information Technology field for over 30 years. The IT field has allowed me to fulfill my passion for discovering and experimenting with new technology. My other love has been working on my family tree to learn as much about my family as possible.

In 2010, I started the CemeteryRegistry.US project. This project links my two passions, technology and genealogy. It also allows me to create a unique tool to assist others with locating where their family is laid to rest.

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What do I do?

I research cemeteries throughout the United States and document any information about the cemetery and its location to help others locate their relatives' final resting place. My goal is to be a research tool to help people find and get to the cemetery they are looking for.

How do I do this? I scour the internet and old books to find cemeteries and then take the time to research this cemetery and find its location using maps and area photography. I then document this information on the CemeteryRegistry.US database for others to use.