Why Cemeteries Are Important

Legacy.com speaks with Minda Powers-Douglas about her book that goes into the Cemeteries' Art, History, and Society. The popularity of cemeteries and why they are so important.

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Do Cemeteries Die?

Yes, they die because they become abandoned. The question is why cemeteries become abandoned. Read what Chicora Foundation says about abandoned cemeteries.

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Case Study

A Case Study for Abandoned Municipal Cemeteries

Read about Haines City’s effort to identify abandoned cemeteries and their solutions for addressing this issue.

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Cemetery Law

The Basic Laws Pertaining to Cemeteries

What laws pertain to Cemeteries, and how do they relate to me?

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Is Cemetery Research costing you time?

We spend our time researching cemeteries, so you can do what you enjoy.

Are you not finding the information you are looking for?

We pride ourselves on researching and verifying the information to ensure its accuracy.

Do you have a cemetery you wish to share?

We welcome any additional information you'd like to share.

Looking for a Cemetery?

Why it's important to locate cemeteries for your genealogy project, check out the Video Podcast from Ancestral Findings, where he talks about finding the cemetery where your ancestor is buried.

Cemetery Registry Database

The database contains over 140,000 cemetery listings throughout the United States, which you can search by State, County, City, or Name. Each verified listing may include the date of establishment, affiliation, type of access, contact information, photographs, videos, links to interments, and other possible resources.

Search by Name

You can search for a cemetery by entering any of its known names (whether current or past). The results are a list of known cemeteries with that name.

Search by City

You can search for a cemetery by entering a city name. Your search will result in a list of known cemeteries in that city.

Search by County

You can search for a cemetery by entering a county name. Your search will result in a list of known cemeteries in that county.

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4 Features that sets us apart from other sites.

We focus solely on the cemetery's location, while others focus on the interments. With our focus solely on the cemetery location, we can take the time to verify the information and its location. Our goal is to get you to the cemetery.


We pride ourselves in researching and gathering information to ensure the cemetery name and location are current and accurate.


We use our researched information to clear up any discrepancies in various cemetery details.

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We compile the verified information into one simple and comprehensive page that includes a GPS location.

04GPS Location

Our GPS coordinates will get you to the cemetery gates, whether a visible church graveyard or a long-lost family plot.

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