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Title: Name of the Cemetery
Tag: Verified or blank - When the cemetery is verified it will show the status of Verified.


Other Names: Different names by which the cemetery is known.
Street: Physical address of the cemetery.
City: City where the cemetery resides.
State: State where the cemetery resides.
Zip: Zip code where the cemetery resides.
Phone: Telephone number to contact someone regarding the cemetery.
Historic Site: Indicate if know historic site. 
Active: This will show if the cemetery is still being used or not.
Condition: This is the condition from New to abandoned.
Established: The year the cemetery was created.
Affiliation: This describes the affiliation of the cemetery.
GPS: The GPS coordinates used to accurately locate the cemetery.
Website: Website related to or supported by cemetery. 
Transcribed: Resource of transcripts for the cemetery.
Notes: Miscellaneous information.
Cemetery Map: Link to a cemetery map if available.
More Images: Link to additional images of the cemetery.
Last Update: This shows the date of the last time the information was updated.
Map: Google map of the cemetery location. *Directions/Navigation 

*Directions/Navigation Link (Members Only)
 - This link, when used on a mobile device, will access the mobile device's navigation program for turn by turn directions.


Image: Image(s) of the cemetery.
Video: Video of the cemetery.


Edit Cemetery Profile (Members Only): Option to submit changes for review..

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